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Engineering led specialist contractor


  • Structural relining of culverts and tunnels

  • Water stopping and water proofing

  • Specialised grouting for void and annulus filling 

  • Concrete repair

  • Permeation Grouting

  • Other specialist surface treatments and coating

We are an Engineering led specialist contractor focusing on the preservation and remediation of structures in the energy and resources, transport and infrastructure, and water and wastewater sectors.

Our goal is to help our clients to safely and cost effectively extend the service life of their infrastructure investments.


We specialise in:


Max Kudrenko

Max Kudrenko is a civil engineer experienced in managing projects in mining, rail, road and utility infrastructure.

Max has a particular interest in specialty grouting and water stopping. He is comfortable rolling up his sleeves and tackling difficult problems head on.

He has a Bachelor of Science (Civil) and Master of Engineering (Civil).


Steve Piscetek

Steve Piscetek has over 40 years of senior management and contracting experience across the mining, construction and offshore oil and gas sectors.

Steve has particular interests in all things concrete, chemical and cementitious grouting, general structural remedial works and risk mitigation.

He has a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and a Graduate Diploma of Business


The success of Ironstone Civil is based on the motivation, business practices, knowledge, experience and expertise of its people. Ironstone Civil was established by Max Kudrenko and Steve Piscetek in 2023 after both had worked for many years in remedial contracting firms. Max and Steve were keen to establish an innovative contracting company that was engineering led and genuinely customer focused.

Ironstone Civil is proudly Australian owned and operated, and we live and work across this wonderful Country. 

Our team is made up of people from Australia and all parts of the world. Whether they be first nations peoples or newer Australians they are all equal members of our Company and are all treated with respect and dignity.

We live and work in local Communities, and thus we have an obligation to be good corporate citizens and to respect the laws and customs of each community. That also means supporting those communities wherever we can by using local suppliers and services.

Trust is hard earned and easily lost. We believe in honest dealings with our clients, subcontractors and suppliers. One of our core Company goals is to develop long lasting working relationships with our clients and suppliers.

The state of the environment we live and work in is a legacy that we will leave our children and grand children so we take care of the environment for their sakes.

Business Practices

Our Story

At Ironstone Civil we consider our people to be like family; so, whilst we appreciate our clients and the community will rightly be focused on safety, we look after our people because nothing is more important to us.

At Ironstone Civil:
Everyone gets looked after and
Everyone cares for themselves and their colleagues so that
Everyone goes home to their families and loved ones safely.


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